Monday, December 29, 2008

This business is just getting better and better. Just thought that I would post a update of my statistics as of today.

If you havent read the page yet- here it is
Click here

First a copy of my back office for referring people to get their own search engine:

Far from all my referrals have completed all 3 steps, so these numbers will rise as people completes the steps.

Total Earned
Total Paid
Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $525 in Pending Payments!

A TOTAL OF $1580

Reunion $103
HD Publishing $60
Clickbank 0
AdSense $8.47
GDI $46 a month so far - remember this is residual income.

TOTALS $1797.47

GDI 46 signups - since September, all coming from the search engine referral programe.

This is all coming from free advertising - just imagine what some paid advertising could do to build this even faster.

This a GREAT way to build a huge GDI downline.
So if you havent signed up yet - go and do it NOW, if you are ready for a REAL online business.

Sign up here

PS. Dont forget to sign up for our Ad Exchanges ( listed to the right) to get some free solo ads and credits.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting referrals to your people search business

First of all and I know I said it several times before, but this is a real business. Treat it that way and work it and you WILL succeed. Before I tell you what has been working for me, here is a copy of my back office today Dec. 18 2008 and the statistics in the programes that are connected to my search engine.

Previous Payments: Total Earned
Total Paid
Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $475 in Pending Payments!

That is a total of $1440 Just for referring people to get their own people search engine. Out of that the $925 has already been paid to my Paypal on time every 14th and 28th of the month.

Reunion Date/Time: 12/18/2008 5:10:28 AM Unpaid Balance: $86.50
HD Publishing: I recieved my first check 3 days ago of $40
Clickbank: Nothing yet
Adsense: $7.80

Thats a total of $1574.30 - and Im just getting started :) OHH and ad to that the resudial income from GDI.

GDI: 34 signup in my team from my downline and me and they ALL came from Tissa´s people search.

Why am I giving you all these numbers?? for one reason only. To prove to you that this business is for real and it is paying and paying on time every time. The owner Tissa Godavitarne is not hiding, like some of the so called gurus like to do. He is always there to answer your questions and help you succeed. So am I, so feel free to post comments on my blogg or email me.

Ok back to what I have been doing so far to get sign ups. SOLO ADS - yes solo ads and all for free.
So far all I have been using is Ad exchanges and credit based safelists.
There are several hundred Ad exchanges you can join and earn point by clicking the links in other peoples solo ads - these points or credits you can use to send out your own solo ads. In most of the ad exchanges you get free solos, banners and points just for signing up as a free member. You can find 3 of them right here on my blog ( to the right) that my husband and I own. Sign up and send in a support ticket that you came from my blog and get some free advertising.

The other thing I have been using is credit based safelists - works almost the same as Ad exchanges. You click the links in emails to earn credits. The more credits you have the more people you can send to. You can upgrade to pro in the best ones giving you even more people to send your ads to.

There are millions of other ways to advertise your search engine business. The only limit is your imagination. These are just the two that I have been using so far and I have referred 163 people since I started in September.