Saturday, November 29, 2008

Time for an update. Well that should have been posted long time ago, but having a offline store and
a few online business plus running a couple of ad exchanges, I could use more hours in a day - oh well.

With that said my search engine business is my favourite online business. I have earned pretty good with this one in the 2 months I have done it and yes it does take some work - work meaning advertising. As I said before, this is a real business and should be treated that way. It takes time to get your people search engine a good ranking, so the more you get it out there in cyberspace the faster you earn - its that simple.

Also thats why its so important that you complete all 3 steps - you dont want to miss any earnings when people are using your search engine.

Signup for Reunion its free, you will get paid commission when people come from your search engine and buy a service from Reunion PLUS if people dont buy, they will pay you commission for the leads you generate for them $1.10 per lead.

Sign up with HD Publishing (also free) when people come from your search engine and buy a service from HDpublishing, like people lookup by SSN, you get paid $20

Sign up with clickbank (free again) You get paid when people do a phone number search from your search engine.

Put all your IDs in the back office of your search engine and you have completed step1
Now if you have a Adsense account put the ID in there too and Tissa will add it to your search engine = more earnings for you.
Now you just earned $125 from Tissa and its added to your account imediately :)

You mitgh think I forgot all about GDI but I wanted to talk about GDI in step 2 and here it comes

Step 2 is about getting a domain for your search engine. If you are already in GDI you could use that domain and put your GDI username in the back office, thats another income stream for you, because when people you have referred to the search engine business get a GDI domain they end up in your GDI downline. This is a very powerful way to build your GDI :)
You will want to get a domain that is people search engine related though. So even if you are already in GDI its a good idea to buy another domain. ( you can have two accounts in GDI, a private and a business)

Step 3 is about advertising your search engine. The first month Tissa advertise for you on Google, Yahoo and MSN free. If you want him to do it after the first month you pay $29.95/month.

There a tons of ways to get trafic to your search engine - one of them is setting up a Adword campaign on Google, post it everywhere you can for free, put it in your signature, ect, ect.

Thats it, you have completed all 3 steps and can now earn commision for referring others to get there own people search engine.

I will tell you how I personaly refered over 150 people to the people search engine in my next post and for FREE :) coz its really late now where Im located. Thats my excuse for any spell errors that might be in this post too ;)

By the way my people search engine is called

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