Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to Be Successful as an Internet Marketer

Being Successful as an Internet Marketer is no different than being good at your day job.

You need to be familiar with the customers and products you work with and be able to implement the relevant skills that you have learned.

Education is the key to your success!

Without some kind of education, you will just be lost and unless you are extremely lucky, you wont earn your potential income online and THIS is why most Internet Marketers fail and give up.


Check out my web page and see for yourself the best education is at your fingertips.

Look at all the information I have presented you with, take that next step.


Wealthy Affiliates is by far the best education you can get online. This is also compared to several other education type programs as you will see on the site. Wealthy Affiliates offers so much more and takes you into many many areas of Internet Marketing.

Heck I used this to learn a great deal on HTML coding and SEO that alone was worth my membership costs. They also get into many areas including PPC, list building and with so much more, I just dont have the room to write it all down here.

Isn`t it time to ((LEARN TO EARN)) the right way?

If you are going to try and make a decent living online, then education is a must and your ticket to learning and most important - EARNING - is right here.

Join us in our crusade to teach you step by step to:


Friday, July 3, 2009

Payday again and time for an update

I know I know Im a little late because it was actually payday last monday.
Anyway here is my numbers. It keeps amazing me, that the earnings just keeps comming in even though all my PPC campaigns have been paused for almost 3 weeks now and I had some cancel step 3. I just started one campaign back up today but Im still working on websites before I start to run more campaigns.

I guess thats one of the GREAT things about this business. Acme people search just keepsgetting better and better. Tissa is constently improving every thing.

Okay enough talk - if you havent joined this awsome business yet go HERE

Total Earned

Current Earnings:

You Have $116 in Pending Payments!

Total from Tissa $ 2389.00

MyLife $383.80
Hd publishing $ 180.00
Adsense $ 64.64
Clickbank $ 70.34
LunarPages $ 195.00
GDI bonus´s $ 300.00

TOTALS $3582.78

That does not include the residual income from GDI. My GDI team has now grown to 153 members. All comming from Acme People Search