Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Its the 28th and payday :) and time for an update, but before I post my earnings, I want to go through the 3 steps again, as I get many emails on what to do. So here it is. If you want your own people search engine sign up here

You will then get an email CLICK THE LINK in that email to confirm, many dont do this and they wont be able to log in if they are not confirmed. Then complete the 3 steps:
step 1:
sign up with Reunion, HD Publishing and clickbank ( the links are in your backoffice) - its all free, then go back to your backoffice and put in your ID´s for these, where it says ADD/EDIT ID´s
Thats it for step1.

Step 2:
Monetize = get a domain and hosting for your search engine.
Click the GDI link in your backoffice and get a domain thats somehow people search related. Now you can get another residual income from GDI :) remember to add your GDI username in your backoffice too and contact Tissa and tell him what domain you got for your search engine so he can set it up.
Thats it for step 2

Step 3:
Advertise your search engine - Tissa Godavitarne will advertise it for you for free the first month on Google, Yahoo and MSN. If you want him to continue after the first month its $29.95 a month.You should advertise it yourself too, to speed things up. There is a comlete guide in your backoffice on how to set up an Adwords campaign.
Thats it for step 3

By now you should see a $125 bonus added to your account :)

As promised - here is an update of my earnings as of today:

Total Earned
Total Paid
Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $506 in Pending Payments!

A Total of $1873 from Tissa

Reunion : $174.10
HD Publishing : $80
Clickbank : $13.06
Adsense : $13.35
GDI : $100 bonus

A TOTAL OF $2253.51

PLUS the residual payments and 56 referrals total in GDI from my Acme People Search engine

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The "125-PROOF" Board

The 125 most recent payments that included GUARANTEED Commissions of at least $125
for affiliates of Tissa Godavitarne's Acme People Search Engine (with bi-monthly payouts!)

See the 125- PROOF board

The table above does not show all payments to affiliates - just the 125 most recent payments which
covered the guaranteed $125. In other words, affiliates have earned even MORE than shown above!

Start Earning Commissions with YOUR Free People Search Engine!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ok, I know I updated my earnings just two days ago, but since yesterday was payday I thought I would put another one in here :) - this also show you how it can change in only 2 days.

Total Earned
Total Paid
Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $570 in Pending Payments!

TOTAL OF $1777 from Tissa - $1174 already paid to my Paypal

Reunion $ 156,50
HD Publishing $ 60
Clickbank 0
Adsense $ 9,31

GDI $100 bonus and 50 in my downline - all from Acme Peope Search

Total $ 2102,81

If you are looking for a REAL online business, then congratulations you just found it.
Tissa Godavitarne´s Acme People Search is the real deal. He is always there to help and support you, not hiding behind a fancy looking website and never care about the signups like so many other program owners out there. He is even willing to reward hard-working affiliates with increased payouts. I´m a living proof of that.

That being said, this business is not for everyone, because if you are not willing to work it and treat it like real business - then this is not for you.

On the other hand if you are, then a great income potentiel is right here for you to grap.

So are you ready?
Signup here

Make sure you complete ALL 3 steps to get the most out of this. The 3 steps are explained to the right of the blog.
As always I´m here to help. Any questions? just email me or leave a comment here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I did a little test. About 3-4 weeks ago. I changed my account profile in the search engine, so that new signups would only see GDI as an option for a domain for their new search engine. I wanted to see if my GDI downline would grow faster - it did and I made it to the leaderboard.

6 Signups for the Week of 12/22/2008 - 12/28/2008 and $100 bonus.

Now if you are going to do the same, you have to remember that by doing this you wont get paid the $10 for step2 from Tissa. So you have to deside if you want the $10 thats only a one time payment or grow your residual income in GDI faster.

I wont leave without an update on my earnings, so here it is

Total Earned
Total Paid
Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $555 in Pending Payments!

A Total of $1715 from Tissa

Reunion $ 152,10 - this one jumped this week
HD Publishing $ 60 - no movement this week
Clickbank 0
Adsense $ 9,30

GDI 50 in my downline now plus $100 bonus

A TOTAL OF $2036,40 plus the resudial from GDI

Any comments or questions? email me