Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cool Adwords Spy tool I thought you'd be interested in

As I wrote earlier Im doing a lot Adwords studying lately.
I bougt Chris Carpenters Google Cash Detective - this an awsome tool, I love it. What you can do with this tool is simply amasing.
Since I bought it through Tissa, it made me a super affiliate at Tissas Acme People Search and I promise, I will post my earnings as soon as the super affiliate benefits start to kick in. :)

Since Google Cash Detetive was to expensive to most people $2000 and Chris have now closed the sale, I wonna give all my readers a Cool Adwords Spy tool.

It's really slick. It installs right into your web browser and you can't even tell it's running when your browser's open.

You can see what anyone's Adwords keywords are with this addon. Anyway, I thought you'd be interested in downloading since it's free.

You can get it here

Im here to help always.
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