Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Payday and Support

Its the 14th and PAYDAY :)

I just got this (my Paypal is in Danish):

Du har modtaget flere penge

Affiliatize.com (Tissa Godavitarne) har netop sendt dig penge via PayPal.


Beløb:$272,00 USD
Transaktionsdato: Apr 14, 2009
Transaktions-id: 5XU71968L40xxxxxx
Emne: You've got a payment
Besked:Nice, Kirsten :-) Don't forget to update your blog! Tissa

This is the 11th payment I got from Tissa to my Paypal and in about two days the money is in my bank account here in Denmark - if that isnt easy, I dont know what is :).
No matter where in the world you are you can have your very own REAL, HONEST, LIGITIMATE online business by joining Acme People Search right here.

Many have been complaining about the lack of support, when they send in a support ticket. Yes Tissa has been way behind answering them because of the huge succes of this business.

BUT, I must say that, I have never seen any online program with so much support as in Tissa`s people seach. Get on the webinars and you can actualy talk to him or just type in your questions, even if you dont have any questions I strongly recommend you attend, because you will get alot of info that will help you. As one of my referrals said in an email "I attended the webinar today and found out a lot that I was wondering about".

Not only is he having several webinars a week, Tissa will also set up a forum where we will answer all your questions.

Untill the forum is up I will put some of the most commen questions here on the blog.

Here is one:
Help Im stuck in step 2. I got a GDI domain and hosting for my search engine. I'm putting the FTP information in correctly for it but I keep getting an error.

When you are setting up step2 make sure you read every single line. When using GDI you actualy have to complete a few steps in your GDI BEFORE you put the information in the back office of your search engine. Just follow the guidance and read everything.

More to come.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

There is no difference between an online and an offline business.

The first thing you must do is realize that in all important aspects there is no difference between running an online and an offline business. Both are BUSINESSES and must be approached

In an offline business sales can go up and down and no 2 days are alike.
The same thing with an online business. Would I close my offline store if I didnt make much or anything for that matter, in a short period? HECK NO - same thing with an online business. As a matter of a fact it makes me want to do more, to think of other ways to get my sales up.

Why am I writing this? Because thats whats happend to me the last two weeks - I got Google slapped, ouch.

I had an ad that was actually doing okay, but I wanted it to convert even better, so I made some changes. Now here is a lesson, I want to pass on to all of you that are using Google Adwords to advertise your seach engine. NEVER make more than one change a the time, then wait and see what happens before you make another change to your keywords.

I made the mistake that I changed some part of my ad, I changed the link and I added some new keywords and I deleted some. A few days later I didnt get the daily leads and sales anymore. The worst part is that I didnt remember exactly how my campaign was before I made the changes.

I have now been making small changes - one at the time :) for some days now and it looks like Im getting back on track again. The leads and sales have started to show up again. The next week will tell.

So remember this when you want to improve a campaign that are already working.

Ok -I know some have been waiting to see my earnings on here ( right Tissa :)
here they are, with Google slap and all.

Total Earned
Total Paid
Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $344 in Pending Payments!

TOTALS $2349,00

Mylife (Reunion) $293,80
HD Publishing $ 80,00
Clickbank $ 47,80
Adsense $ 29,75

GDI bonus`s $300,00 PLUS the residual from GDI every month.
My GDI team have grown by 100 sign ups - all coming from the people search.

TOTAL OF $3100,35