Friday, December 11, 2009


I set up a new blog that explains more in details about the 3 steps you have to do when joining Acme People Search. It also give more details on all the ways you can earn with this business.
I hope it will help new members get a clear picture of it all faster :)

I will add more to it, like a section about where and how to advertise for free that actually works.

Please have a look and feel free to leave a comment or suggestions on what you would like to see on there.

I will still update this blog too with earnings ect. By the way you can see an update only a few days old on my earnings there too.

GO HERE to have a look.

Here to help,


Monday, November 30, 2009

Payment Update

Here is an update of my earnings

Total Earned

Current Earnings:

You Have $230 in Pending Payments!

Super Sponsor payments 2 x $87,85 + 3 x $133,85 = $577,25

TOTAL earned from Tissa $3390,25
Hd Publishing $ 280,00
MyLife $ 502,30
Adsense $ 130,40
Hostgator $ 1225,00
GVO $ 161,72
GDI bonus´ $ 300,00

A TOTAL OF $ 5989,67

Plus the recurring income from GDI every month. 224 referrals in GDI, all comming from the Acme People Search business. I NEVER advertise GDI.

Start your earnings right HERE


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Acme People Search´s new 8th income stream GVO

Acme People Search´s new 8th income stream GVO is a perfect match to Acme. Watch the video an see how

First: Lock in Your GVO Position ($1.00 Limited Time Offer)
Then Join Acme People Search to Promote GVO (FREE!)

Monday, October 26, 2009

2 days To Payday :)

So here are my totals as of today.
Thanks again Tissa for adding the 8 income stream to Acme GVO. Thats going to be HUGE.

Total Earned

Current Earnings:

You Have $170 in Pending Payments!

Paid for being a super sponsor in the Acme forum 87,90 + 87,90 + 133,85 + 133,85 = 443,50

So total from Tissa $3078.50

Mylife $491.30

Hd Pulishing $300.00

Clickbank $103.87

Adsense $110.54

Hostgator $550.00

Lunarpages $195.00

GDI bonus $300.00

NEW GVO $24.71

A TOTAL OF $ 5153.92

PLUS the monthly residual comming from GDI and GVO.

Want to start earning from these companies too? then sign up HERE


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Payment Update

I have been slagging about updating my payments lol
So here they are. More and more are added as Tissa are constantly improving Acme People Search.
Thanks again Tissa for adding the 8 income stream to Acme GVO. Thats going to be HUGE.

Total Earned

Current Earnings:

You Have $70 in Pending Payments!

Paid for being a super sponsor in the Acme forum 87,90 + 87,90 + 133,85 = 309.65

So total from Tissa $2756.65

Mylife $470.30

Hd Pulishing $280.00

Clickbank $94.51

Adsense $99.62

Hostgator $250.00

Lunarpages $195.00

GDI bonus $300.00

A TOTAL OF $4446.08
PLUS the monthly residual comming from GDI and soon from GVO too.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The PAY IT FORWARD guy did it again!!!

If you have any doubts on who Im referring to its Tissa Godavitarne ( of course).

Not only did he add the 8th income stream to Acme People Search= GVO, he will also cover your monthly fee of $45 to GVO if you become a super sponsor in the Acme forum.

What Tissa is doing I have NEVER seen in ANY online business, and trust me I have seen alot. That is why Acme people Search stands out from the rest, a honest owner of a legitimate business that knows the true meaning of paying it forward and most important: he´s actually doing it. Hats off to you Tissa, you realy do ROCK.

GVO is a relaunch of which have been around for 12 years. GVO is going to change history for the internet marketing world! It has everything you need to market online.

Find out why every MAJOR GROUP, and every MAJOR PLAYER on the Internet are joining forces WITH GVO and how this can BENEFIT you.
GVO will launch on September 15. Get in now, no need to wait. Did I mention that there is a great income to make in GVO too, residual income that is.


The foundation to every online business starts with great Hosting, incredible marketing tools and systems! Without it, your business can fall apart overnight.

Want to join Acme People Search - now with 8 income streams? then go here

Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to Be Successful as an Internet Marketer

Being Successful as an Internet Marketer is no different than being good at your day job.

You need to be familiar with the customers and products you work with and be able to implement the relevant skills that you have learned.

Education is the key to your success!

Without some kind of education, you will just be lost and unless you are extremely lucky, you wont earn your potential income online and THIS is why most Internet Marketers fail and give up.


Check out my web page and see for yourself the best education is at your fingertips.

Look at all the information I have presented you with, take that next step.


Wealthy Affiliates is by far the best education you can get online. This is also compared to several other education type programs as you will see on the site. Wealthy Affiliates offers so much more and takes you into many many areas of Internet Marketing.

Heck I used this to learn a great deal on HTML coding and SEO that alone was worth my membership costs. They also get into many areas including PPC, list building and with so much more, I just dont have the room to write it all down here.

Isn`t it time to ((LEARN TO EARN)) the right way?

If you are going to try and make a decent living online, then education is a must and your ticket to learning and most important - EARNING - is right here.

Join us in our crusade to teach you step by step to:


Friday, July 3, 2009

Payday again and time for an update

I know I know Im a little late because it was actually payday last monday.
Anyway here is my numbers. It keeps amazing me, that the earnings just keeps comming in even though all my PPC campaigns have been paused for almost 3 weeks now and I had some cancel step 3. I just started one campaign back up today but Im still working on websites before I start to run more campaigns.

I guess thats one of the GREAT things about this business. Acme people search just keepsgetting better and better. Tissa is constently improving every thing.

Okay enough talk - if you havent joined this awsome business yet go HERE

Total Earned

Current Earnings:

You Have $116 in Pending Payments!

Total from Tissa $ 2389.00

MyLife $383.80
Hd publishing $ 180.00
Adsense $ 64.64
Clickbank $ 70.34
LunarPages $ 195.00
GDI bonus´s $ 300.00

TOTALS $3582.78

That does not include the residual income from GDI. My GDI team has now grown to 153 members. All comming from Acme People Search

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Time is running out.

The last day to get FREE access to Google Cash Detective is june 23th. Get it now.

You dont want to miss this if you are doing PPC advertising for you People Search Engine or any other program or product for that matter.

Happy fathers day to all the faters out there.

Friday, June 12, 2009


The Acme People Search forum is now up and running.

Go to Forum

Use the forum to ask all your questions and get help if you need it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Earnings as of today

Time for an update of my earnings. Here they are:

Total Earned

Current Earnings:

You Have $146 in Pending Payments!

Total from Tissa $2443

MyLife $381.60
Hd publishing $ 140.00
Adsense $ 55.88
Clickbank $ 70.34
LunarPages $ 195.00
GDI bonus´s $ 300.00

TOTAL of $ 3515.48

Plus the residual payment from GDI every month. My GDI team have grown to 133 members, all comming from the people search business.

I want to congratulate one of my referrals, Jason for getting on the GDI leader board 3 weeks in a row. You rock Jason :) you are another living proof that Acme People search is a REAL business, that WILL make you money if you are willing to WORK and LEARN and never never never give up.

Did you all see my post about Google Cash Detective I posted yesterday. If you use PPC advertising go get those 7 days of full access to GCD right now. I have said it before but I will say it again - this tool is awsome and worth the $1997 that its normaly sold for.

You will be able to access the exact same software as the $1,997 customers. The very same data. The very same system that monitors millions of keywords, advertisements, bids, affiliate links, landing pages, and much, much more ...

And you can see it all, free of charge for a strictly limited time :)

Just minutes from now, you can see for yourself the now famous, GCD "Eagle Eye View" over the entire Google Adwords industry. Dive deep into tiny niches to identify long-term, successful affiliates,and clone their PROVEN campaigns in seconds.

Click Here

Monday, June 8, 2009

WOW Google Cash Detective FREE Trial with no obligation.

You might want to get this.

Click Here

It´s FREE access to the Google Cash Detective which recently
sold for $1997. I just had to tell you about this because it´s
such a GREAT value. I bought GC Detective a few months ago
and I just love what this tool can do.

All you have to do is enter your name and email.

No credit card.

No catches.

You can do a year´s worth of research in no time and find your
next profitable ppc campaign for no cost and no risk to you.

Click here to get the FREE Trial with no obligation.

The benefit of this software is that you avoid costly
trial and error and can consistently start profitable PPC
campaigns...and you can do it without cost or obligation!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How do your people search engine make you money

Read the article that I just released. It sums it all up.

When you join my people search business, you get not 1 but 7 different income streams.
If you become a super affiliate you will actualy have 8 income streams.

Here is my article.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Q&A plus what else I might have to share :)

I promised that I would post the questions I get on email on here, so all could read the answers, so here are some more. And no you dont have to be in my downline to ask questions about the people search business. I cant keep track of it anyway :) because I have signed up somewhere between 300 and 400 people. Only Tissa knows the exact number. I cant see all of them as they disappear after I have been paid for all 3 steps. So ask away - even if you are not a member yet and need to get some more info to make a decision. The links to sign up is in the upper right corner by the way. Remember if you do sign up from that link to email me and I will give you even more free solo ads in the Ad Exchanges Jerry and I own to get your advertising started.

Regarding getting referrals here is the most asked question of all:

1. How do I get referrals and where do I advertise?
The answer is already here on my blog, I have only used solo ads in Ad Exchanges and Safelists . We created this page on that page we list all the advertising that I have tested and it all works. Sign up on as many as you want and get all the free advertising you can handle. There is about 2200 free solo ads right now to grap on here :) and more is on the way, so get started to write some good ads and get them out there. Jerry (my husband) is updating it these days so I guarantee that wont run out of solo ads for a long time.

2. talking about solo ads, I got this question today:
Hello from a Tissa affiliate
Hi Kirsten,

Thanks so much for writing your blog and showing a newbie like me how to get started. As I was reading the section on how to get referrals, you mention solo ads. I'm completely new to Internet marketing. What are solo ads and what companies would you recommend? I especially like the free ones! :D I've only had my site up for a week (it's been monetized) and I want to see it grow. I am most definitely willing to do the work that it takes to make my business successful, so any suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Solo ads are ads that are sent to peoples contact emails. There are tons of places online where you can buy them and just as many are not getting good convertions. So instead of buying them start with the ad exchanges where you almost always get some free when you join as a free member. Solo ads in ad exchanges are very responsive because people have to open your email and click the credit link in there to earn credits that can be exchanged for more solo ads. The same goes for credit based safelists, they work too but ad exchanges works better.
Now all this advertising I have only used to get referrals to the people search business. To get traffic to your search engine I recommend ppc (pay per click) in Google, Yahoo and MSN

3. Another question I get all the time is about completing the 3 steps.
Just go down my blog and to the right you will find where it says

Affiliatize, Monetize, Advertise and just follow the instructions.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Time for an update on earnings. Im still testing different tactics with Adwords, so the results from that havent kicked in yet.

Total Earned
Total Paid
Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $242 in Pending Payments!

TOTALS $2383.00

MyLife $340.00
HD Publishing $80.00
Clickbank $47.80
AdSense $41.27
LunarPages $195.00
GDI bonus´s $300.00

TOTAL $3387.07
PLUS the residual income from GDI every month. My GDI team has now grown to 109 members.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Payday and Support

Its the 14th and PAYDAY :)

I just got this (my Paypal is in Danish):

Du har modtaget flere penge (Tissa Godavitarne) har netop sendt dig penge via PayPal.


Beløb:$272,00 USD
Transaktionsdato: Apr 14, 2009
Transaktions-id: 5XU71968L40xxxxxx
Emne: You've got a payment
Besked:Nice, Kirsten :-) Don't forget to update your blog! Tissa

This is the 11th payment I got from Tissa to my Paypal and in about two days the money is in my bank account here in Denmark - if that isnt easy, I dont know what is :).
No matter where in the world you are you can have your very own REAL, HONEST, LIGITIMATE online business by joining Acme People Search right here.

Many have been complaining about the lack of support, when they send in a support ticket. Yes Tissa has been way behind answering them because of the huge succes of this business.

BUT, I must say that, I have never seen any online program with so much support as in Tissa`s people seach. Get on the webinars and you can actualy talk to him or just type in your questions, even if you dont have any questions I strongly recommend you attend, because you will get alot of info that will help you. As one of my referrals said in an email "I attended the webinar today and found out a lot that I was wondering about".

Not only is he having several webinars a week, Tissa will also set up a forum where we will answer all your questions.

Untill the forum is up I will put some of the most commen questions here on the blog.

Here is one:
Help Im stuck in step 2. I got a GDI domain and hosting for my search engine. I'm putting the FTP information in correctly for it but I keep getting an error.

When you are setting up step2 make sure you read every single line. When using GDI you actualy have to complete a few steps in your GDI BEFORE you put the information in the back office of your search engine. Just follow the guidance and read everything.

More to come.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

There is no difference between an online and an offline business.

The first thing you must do is realize that in all important aspects there is no difference between running an online and an offline business. Both are BUSINESSES and must be approached

In an offline business sales can go up and down and no 2 days are alike.
The same thing with an online business. Would I close my offline store if I didnt make much or anything for that matter, in a short period? HECK NO - same thing with an online business. As a matter of a fact it makes me want to do more, to think of other ways to get my sales up.

Why am I writing this? Because thats whats happend to me the last two weeks - I got Google slapped, ouch.

I had an ad that was actually doing okay, but I wanted it to convert even better, so I made some changes. Now here is a lesson, I want to pass on to all of you that are using Google Adwords to advertise your seach engine. NEVER make more than one change a the time, then wait and see what happens before you make another change to your keywords.

I made the mistake that I changed some part of my ad, I changed the link and I added some new keywords and I deleted some. A few days later I didnt get the daily leads and sales anymore. The worst part is that I didnt remember exactly how my campaign was before I made the changes.

I have now been making small changes - one at the time :) for some days now and it looks like Im getting back on track again. The leads and sales have started to show up again. The next week will tell.

So remember this when you want to improve a campaign that are already working.

Ok -I know some have been waiting to see my earnings on here ( right Tissa :)
here they are, with Google slap and all.

Total Earned
Total Paid
Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $344 in Pending Payments!

TOTALS $2349,00

Mylife (Reunion) $293,80
HD Publishing $ 80,00
Clickbank $ 47,80
Adsense $ 29,75

GDI bonus`s $300,00 PLUS the residual from GDI every month.
My GDI team have grown by 100 sign ups - all coming from the people search.

TOTAL OF $3100,35

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cool Adwords Spy tool I thought you'd be interested in

As I wrote earlier Im doing a lot Adwords studying lately.
I bougt Chris Carpenters Google Cash Detective - this an awsome tool, I love it. What you can do with this tool is simply amasing.
Since I bought it through Tissa, it made me a super affiliate at Tissas Acme People Search and I promise, I will post my earnings as soon as the super affiliate benefits start to kick in. :)

Since Google Cash Detetive was to expensive to most people $2000 and Chris have now closed the sale, I wonna give all my readers a Cool Adwords Spy tool.

It's really slick. It installs right into your web browser and you can't even tell it's running when your browser's open.

You can see what anyone's Adwords keywords are with this addon. Anyway, I thought you'd be interested in downloading since it's free.

You can get it here

Im here to help always.
Want to know how to get started with your own free people search engine?, already have one but got stuck on completing one of the steps, want to know how and where to advertise? no matter what just send me and email or even better make a comment here so others can read your question.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Earnings update

The past week I havnt been advertising as much as usual - yet the earnings keeps increasing :)
The reason is that I have been in class, PPC classroom. If you are already an Acme people search affiliate then go to your back office and sign up for the PPC classroom, if you want to learn from the best about Google Adwords - its free. There is a lot of goooooood stuff in these lessons.

Okay here is my numbers as of today.

Total Earned
Total Paid
Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $782 in Pending Payments!

Totals $ 2389 from Tissa

Reunion ( now MYlife ) $
HD Publishing $80
Clickbank $13.60
Adsense $19.03

Got on the GDI leader board for the third time so $300 in total bonuss

A TOTAL OF $3069.03 PLUS the residual from GDI.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

GREAT News And Earnings Update

Tissa keeps improving Acme People Search and some GREAT features are coming up, infact some are already active

You can now get Tissa´s Secret GDI-Signup sauce ingredients :) - this is just awsome and just imagine what that can do to your GDI downline.

Here it is:

1. Forced Hosting (GDI) (this is already active and I been using that for some time now - it works)
Rather than being offered several hosting options under Step 2, your search engine referrals will be offered ONLYGDI - using YOUR GDI affiliate link! Although you won't earn Step 2 referral fees from me if you choose this option, this is a powerful and proven way to grow your GDI downline and build a residual income stream for life. This is the main technique I (and many others) are using to climb the GDI learderboard week after week, earning thousands of dollars a month in GDI bonuses alone!

Forced Advertising ( Tissa said that this will be active in March )

All of my free PPC advertising for you (under Step 3) will be used to advertise your presell page rather than your people search engine. Different ad campaigns with different keywords will be used to target people looking for income opportunities. If you prefer to focus on growing your GDI downline while earning referrals fees from me, this option is for you! (Remember though that my advertising is never a substitute for your own marketing efforts! You should still LEARN how to advertise effectively.)

3. Forced Matrix for GDI ( Now have a real good look at this one - thats how teamwork makes dreams work )

Once you have at least six sign-ups on your GDI frontline (Level 1) I will automatically start promoting your frontline's GDI sign-up links so you can start building YOUR Level 2. Once each person on your frontline has at least six sign-ups on their frontline, I will automatically rotate through your Level 2 sign-ups until they each have at least six sign-ups - and so on, up to five layers deep. Not sure how much you could earn with my fully automated, forced matrix for GDI? $9,330 per month!

Tissa Godavitarnes Acme People Search is the best, real, honest online business I have ever seen online.

Ok now to the fun part my earnings status as of toay Febuary the 17th.

Total Earned
Total Paid
Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $734 in Pending Payments!

Totals $ 2271 from Tissa

Reunion $245.20
Hd Publishing $80
Clickbank $13.60
Adsense $16.97

GDI bonus $200 plus 73 in my GDI team all comming from people search.

TOTAL OF $ 2826.77 PLUS the monthly residual from GDI

Go here to get your own search engine

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

GDI and Acme People Search - A Perfect Match

Time for another update of my progress with Tissa´s Acme People Search. Last week I got on the leader board in GDI ( Global domains international ) for the second time since I joined the people search and I NEVER advertise GDI, only the people search - thats where all my GDI sign up comes from. Here it is:

Weekly Potential Leaderboard
Covers New Signups for the Week of 02/02/2009 - 02/08/2009

$200 10 Ernesto Mabaso Cebu City CEBU PH
$100 9 Terell Kissendal Vancouver BC CA
$100 9 Lisa Dunn Forest VA US
$100 9 Mark Hall Starr SC US
$100 9 Kirk Lindner Coon Rapids MN US
$100 8 Adelin Tolan Macea ARAD RO
$100 8 Audberto Junior Ortiz Levano Lima LIMA PE
$100 8 Scott Williams Corona CA US
$100 8 Kirsten Faucette Arden DK
$100 8 Christina Orcutt Sedona AZ US
$100 8 Guillermo Rodil Orlando FL US
$100 7 Alex diaz corona NY US
$100 7 Gary Gray Houston TX US
$100 7 Gwynne Sousa Plymouth MA US
$100 7 Jordan Seguin Meaford ON CA
$100 7 Laura Holmes Hanover Park IL US
$100 7 Mike Fatoullah Great Neck NY US
$100 7 Rich Ward Ashville OH US
$100 7 David Parnell

Status of my earning today Feb. 11th

Total Earned
Total Paid
Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $646 in Pending Payments!

Total of $2155 from Tissa

Reunion $ 228.70
Hd Publ. $ 80.00
Clickbank $ 13.60
AdSense $ 15.94

GDI $200 in bonuss´ plus the residual income every month. 70 referrals from people search.

Totals today $ 2693.24

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I been reading blogs here and there last couple of days and since I´m in the people search business the blogs I have been looking at have been about - you guessed it - people search. I was a bit suprised to see several blogs that have copies of my writing posted. Thats okay, in fact a few people have asked to use some part of my writing - fine with me, as they didnt copy my earnings. BUT I have also seen a few that are a total copy of my entire blog, earnings and all. This is one of them by Joel Hamilton. No where does he say that what he posted is NOT his results.
Maybe its just me, but if you really want to be trusted by your sign ups, you should only post your own results and experience with Acme People Search and use your own wording.

Some good news - our site DreamTeam-Marketing is done now, so go get all the free advertising you can handle :))
There are more than 1400 free solo ads to grap and much much more and we add more almost daily. This is the exact same advertising sources that I have been using to build my Acme People Search - So go get it right here - its free.

Todays status of my earnings:

Total Earned
Total Paid
Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $542 in Pending Payments!

TOTAL of $2011 from Tissa now.

Reunion $ 210
HD Publishing $ 80
Clickbank $ 13.60
AdSense $ 15.14

Bonus from GDI $200 plus the residual income from GDI. There are 67 in my GDI now, all from people search.

TOTAL Of $2530 not counting the residual monthly income from GDI

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Its the 28th and payday :) and time for an update, but before I post my earnings, I want to go through the 3 steps again, as I get many emails on what to do. So here it is. If you want your own people search engine sign up here

You will then get an email CLICK THE LINK in that email to confirm, many dont do this and they wont be able to log in if they are not confirmed. Then complete the 3 steps:
step 1:
sign up with Reunion, HD Publishing and clickbank ( the links are in your backoffice) - its all free, then go back to your backoffice and put in your ID´s for these, where it says ADD/EDIT ID´s
Thats it for step1.

Step 2:
Monetize = get a domain and hosting for your search engine.
Click the GDI link in your backoffice and get a domain thats somehow people search related. Now you can get another residual income from GDI :) remember to add your GDI username in your backoffice too and contact Tissa and tell him what domain you got for your search engine so he can set it up.
Thats it for step 2

Step 3:
Advertise your search engine - Tissa Godavitarne will advertise it for you for free the first month on Google, Yahoo and MSN. If you want him to continue after the first month its $29.95 a month.You should advertise it yourself too, to speed things up. There is a comlete guide in your backoffice on how to set up an Adwords campaign.
Thats it for step 3

By now you should see a $125 bonus added to your account :)

As promised - here is an update of my earnings as of today:

Total Earned
Total Paid
Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $506 in Pending Payments!

A Total of $1873 from Tissa

Reunion : $174.10
HD Publishing : $80
Clickbank : $13.06
Adsense : $13.35
GDI : $100 bonus

A TOTAL OF $2253.51

PLUS the residual payments and 56 referrals total in GDI from my Acme People Search engine

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The "125-PROOF" Board

The 125 most recent payments that included GUARANTEED Commissions of at least $125
for affiliates of Tissa Godavitarne's Acme People Search Engine (with bi-monthly payouts!)

See the 125- PROOF board

The table above does not show all payments to affiliates - just the 125 most recent payments which
covered the guaranteed $125. In other words, affiliates have earned even MORE than shown above!

Start Earning Commissions with YOUR Free People Search Engine!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ok, I know I updated my earnings just two days ago, but since yesterday was payday I thought I would put another one in here :) - this also show you how it can change in only 2 days.

Total Earned
Total Paid
Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $570 in Pending Payments!

TOTAL OF $1777 from Tissa - $1174 already paid to my Paypal

Reunion $ 156,50
HD Publishing $ 60
Clickbank 0
Adsense $ 9,31

GDI $100 bonus and 50 in my downline - all from Acme Peope Search

Total $ 2102,81

If you are looking for a REAL online business, then congratulations you just found it.
Tissa Godavitarne´s Acme People Search is the real deal. He is always there to help and support you, not hiding behind a fancy looking website and never care about the signups like so many other program owners out there. He is even willing to reward hard-working affiliates with increased payouts. I´m a living proof of that.

That being said, this business is not for everyone, because if you are not willing to work it and treat it like real business - then this is not for you.

On the other hand if you are, then a great income potentiel is right here for you to grap.

So are you ready?
Signup here

Make sure you complete ALL 3 steps to get the most out of this. The 3 steps are explained to the right of the blog.
As always I´m here to help. Any questions? just email me or leave a comment here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I did a little test. About 3-4 weeks ago. I changed my account profile in the search engine, so that new signups would only see GDI as an option for a domain for their new search engine. I wanted to see if my GDI downline would grow faster - it did and I made it to the leaderboard.

6 Signups for the Week of 12/22/2008 - 12/28/2008 and $100 bonus.

Now if you are going to do the same, you have to remember that by doing this you wont get paid the $10 for step2 from Tissa. So you have to deside if you want the $10 thats only a one time payment or grow your residual income in GDI faster.

I wont leave without an update on my earnings, so here it is

Total Earned
Total Paid
Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $555 in Pending Payments!

A Total of $1715 from Tissa

Reunion $ 152,10 - this one jumped this week
HD Publishing $ 60 - no movement this week
Clickbank 0
Adsense $ 9,30

GDI 50 in my downline now plus $100 bonus

A TOTAL OF $2036,40 plus the resudial from GDI

Any comments or questions? email me