Monday, May 18, 2009

Q&A plus what else I might have to share :)

I promised that I would post the questions I get on email on here, so all could read the answers, so here are some more. And no you dont have to be in my downline to ask questions about the people search business. I cant keep track of it anyway :) because I have signed up somewhere between 300 and 400 people. Only Tissa knows the exact number. I cant see all of them as they disappear after I have been paid for all 3 steps. So ask away - even if you are not a member yet and need to get some more info to make a decision. The links to sign up is in the upper right corner by the way. Remember if you do sign up from that link to email me and I will give you even more free solo ads in the Ad Exchanges Jerry and I own to get your advertising started.

Regarding getting referrals here is the most asked question of all:

1. How do I get referrals and where do I advertise?
The answer is already here on my blog, I have only used solo ads in Ad Exchanges and Safelists . We created this page on that page we list all the advertising that I have tested and it all works. Sign up on as many as you want and get all the free advertising you can handle. There is about 2200 free solo ads right now to grap on here :) and more is on the way, so get started to write some good ads and get them out there. Jerry (my husband) is updating it these days so I guarantee that wont run out of solo ads for a long time.

2. talking about solo ads, I got this question today:
Hello from a Tissa affiliate
Hi Kirsten,

Thanks so much for writing your blog and showing a newbie like me how to get started. As I was reading the section on how to get referrals, you mention solo ads. I'm completely new to Internet marketing. What are solo ads and what companies would you recommend? I especially like the free ones! :D I've only had my site up for a week (it's been monetized) and I want to see it grow. I am most definitely willing to do the work that it takes to make my business successful, so any suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Solo ads are ads that are sent to peoples contact emails. There are tons of places online where you can buy them and just as many are not getting good convertions. So instead of buying them start with the ad exchanges where you almost always get some free when you join as a free member. Solo ads in ad exchanges are very responsive because people have to open your email and click the credit link in there to earn credits that can be exchanged for more solo ads. The same goes for credit based safelists, they work too but ad exchanges works better.
Now all this advertising I have only used to get referrals to the people search business. To get traffic to your search engine I recommend ppc (pay per click) in Google, Yahoo and MSN

3. Another question I get all the time is about completing the 3 steps.
Just go down my blog and to the right you will find where it says

Affiliatize, Monetize, Advertise and just follow the instructions.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Time for an update on earnings. Im still testing different tactics with Adwords, so the results from that havent kicked in yet.

Total Earned
Total Paid
Current Earnings

Current Earnings:

You Have $242 in Pending Payments!

TOTALS $2383.00

MyLife $340.00
HD Publishing $80.00
Clickbank $47.80
AdSense $41.27
LunarPages $195.00
GDI bonus´s $300.00

TOTAL $3387.07
PLUS the residual income from GDI every month. My GDI team has now grown to 109 members.