Sunday, September 13, 2009

The PAY IT FORWARD guy did it again!!!

If you have any doubts on who Im referring to its Tissa Godavitarne ( of course).

Not only did he add the 8th income stream to Acme People Search= GVO, he will also cover your monthly fee of $45 to GVO if you become a super sponsor in the Acme forum.

What Tissa is doing I have NEVER seen in ANY online business, and trust me I have seen alot. That is why Acme people Search stands out from the rest, a honest owner of a legitimate business that knows the true meaning of paying it forward and most important: he´s actually doing it. Hats off to you Tissa, you realy do ROCK.

GVO is a relaunch of which have been around for 12 years. GVO is going to change history for the internet marketing world! It has everything you need to market online.

Find out why every MAJOR GROUP, and every MAJOR PLAYER on the Internet are joining forces WITH GVO and how this can BENEFIT you.
GVO will launch on September 15. Get in now, no need to wait. Did I mention that there is a great income to make in GVO too, residual income that is.


The foundation to every online business starts with great Hosting, incredible marketing tools and systems! Without it, your business can fall apart overnight.

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